Friday, 5 March 2010

Update - Public Event - 11th April

Safe Land for Bees Event

This was a huge success, attracting over 100 people. The speakers were excellent and the feedback so far is that people who came felt that they learned lots and had a highly enjoyable time. Come to our next meeting of the group in Southville Bristol, email for details) to find out more.
It was held on Sunday 11th April 2010 from 1.30 - 5pm at Windmill Hill Community centre, Vivian street, Bristol.

The aim of the event was to provide accurate information and a new overview about the situation bees currently face.

There were two speakers:

Barrie Trower, Scientific Advisor to the Radiation Research Trust and to HESE, presented a new paper titled 'The true cost of damage to the environment (ecosystems) from the Telecommunications industry'.
This was very thought provoking. Barrie's paper will be posted here by the beginning of August.

"Within my capacity as a scientific adviser, I receive many research papers from all over the world and I believe what is happening to bees is also happening to other living things" Barrie Trower.
Picture of Barrie speaking 

Carlo Montesanti of the Global Bee Project gave a fascinating and highly enjoyable illustrated talk which showed why protecting bee diversity is so vital, and how we can conserve and encourage these vitally important creatures.

Carlo pictured with Jessie Jowers from the Global Bee Project

The hall was transformed by imaginative decorations - bunting in the shape of honey-combs interspersed with inflatable bees while the walls were lined with children's art-work. A Bee Bazaar of stalls were enjoyed by all and stalls included bee-friendly plants, showing how to make a bee house for your garden, selling bee houses and Warre hives, as well as other bee related products and information. A cafe selling honey-cake and other refreshments was a welcome addition. And at least 9 people spent the afternoon dressed up as bees!!

Entrance was by donation. We made a small profit after costs, for the Safe Land for Bees group

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